Published: 1/1/2022Edited: 10/29/2022
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Which Country Has The Cheapest Apple Music?

Which Country Has The Cheapest Apple Music?

Apple Music is Apple’s answer to Spotify. Like Spotify, Apple Music has an almost endless supply of music to choose from. It currently has over 90 million songs available. That should only take you about 513 years to get through (although that assumes we only listen to each Adele song once; let’s say 514 years).

It also has a more limited selection of video content, including the popular series Carpool Karaoke.

Unlike Spotify, Apple Music cannot be used without a subscription. See below for a brief comparison of the different plans:

Number of accounts1116
Free trial
Works with Siri
Works on non-Apple devices
Download and listen offline
High quality loseless audio

As is common with these subscription services, prices vary widely depending on your location:

$ - United States dollar - USD
CountryLocal PricePrice